How To Decorate Baby Room

Are you expecting a baby soon? Or, maybe you have the little one already, but your baby’s room is really not feeling comfortable, cozy or practical? For a baby’s room to have supportive, nourishing energy, there has to be a good feng shui flow of energy for your baby room.
Using principles of feng shui to create a nurturing, supportive room for your baby involves more than just decorating the space nicely. It is about expressing your unconditional love, care, and adoration for your baby, as well as the reassurance of support throughout the life you will be sharing together. Good feng shui energy in the nursery will soothe, nourish, and even strengthen your baby’s energy, filling her with inspiration, excitement, and wonder.

Colors choosing problem?

Create a harmony of soft feng shui colors in the nursery. Look beyond the traditional pink or blue and choose the colors you really like—colors that will comfort and soothe both you and the baby. Pair harmonious colors, such as white and beige, or green and blue. Avoid overly bright colors, which are stimulating and better suited to playrooms, and avoid too much contrast, such as with a dominant black-and-white theme etc.


I recommend that provide several sources of light in the nursery to be used at different times of day and night. This will contribute to a balanced feng shui energy. Soft, natural-fabric curtains are ideal for filtering harsh direct sunlight while letting in its glow. Try to maintain balanced light levels at all times of the day.

Select Bed Placement

I recommend that keep your baby’s bed away from the door, and minimize electromagnetic field (EMF) levels by limiting the number of electrical appliances that are close to the crib.The general feng shui guidelines for an adult bed also apply for a baby’s bed.

I Highly suggest that avoid placing the crib too close to the door or directly in line with it. Ideally, position the crib with the head against a solid wall so the bed’s length is perpendicular to the wall. Do not place the crib in the middle of the room with no support, or under a window.


Use natural materials whenever possible for the baby’s bedding and the nursery curtains, flooring, rugs, furniture, and toys. Choose wood over plastic. Other good choices for natural materials include cotton, silk, linen, and bamboo.


One thing that is helpful to know is that there is no wrong, or bad feng shui flooring material really (unless chosen for the wrong space!) It would be a truly poor feng shui choice to have carpet in your bathroom or kitchen, for example, or cold tiles in your bedroom, but this is just common sense and you do not necessarily need a feng shui consultant to tell you that.

So, the choice of flooring material depends on location and is based on practical factors (durability, budget, etc).


Design motifs and images depicting nature are ideal for a baby’s room. Choose animal motifs carefully, and avoid images of aggressive, ferocious, or predatory animals, even when they are cute or cartoony versions. Also, avoid designs with sharp points. Furniture and other decor in the room should have few or no sharp edges and corners; where corners or points are unavoidable, direct them away from the crib.

Trust Senses

When it comes to a good feng shui nursery, be guided by your senses. Think of the nursery as a special retreat for relaxation and bonding with your little one, and let it delight all five senses. Treat your baby’s sense of smell with respect.

Open windows daily for good ventilation. If desired, add the scent of gentle essential oils, such as chamomile, rose, vanilla, or lavender. We are all sensitive to the energy around us, and this is most true of babies, who feel everything. Good feng shui always feels good; trust your body’s responses to the decisions you make about your baby’s room.

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