Hacks To Make Fridge More Functional

Your shelves are adjustable! It might seem obvious, but start your fridge organization by adjusting the shelves to your everyday needs. Many times we leave those shelves in one place, but you might be surprised at how much new room you can create by adjusting them.Use a permanent marker to label items with easy-to-read use-by dates so that foods don’t stick around past expiration.

Dress up your refrigerator while keeping it sparkling clean by lining the shelves with place mats. When an accidental spill occurs, simply remove the mat, wipe it down, and return it back on the shelf! You can also use cling wrap to protect the shelves from spills and splatters.

Each food group deserves its own case to keep it safe and properly stored. Buy bowls, drink dispensers, and baskets to keep in your refrigerator. Stock them with your favorite foods in these easy to see and access spaces that are sure to add major organization to your refrigerator.

Stop pushing all your containers around in a jumble. Using a lazy Susan in the refrigerator gives you easy access to all your favorite grab-and-go goodies. Keep condiments, yogurt, and jars on a lazy Susan and never forget about food items ever again! This blogger prefers to keep her Mason jar salads on the spinning platform.

Introducing clear plastic containers to your freezer, like blogger Thea from Time With Thea did, keeps frozen items from taking up too much space. You can also label each bin to make finding exactly what you need a breeze. This may seem to strange but we guarantee it will give you such a sense of pride every time you open the freezer. Print out labels on a label maker or write in names with permanent marker on your new bins.

Prevent your fruit from bruising by keeping baskets in your fruit drawer. This organization hack will not only group alike foods together, but it will also stop your apples from tumbling over when you reach for an orange!

Use paper files to corral similar items such as cheese sticks, yogurts, or butter. These fit nicely in short middle shelves. If you want to bump it up a notch, add labels to the files!

Use a shallow plastic dish pan in your deli meat drawer to hold all your lunch essentials for the week. Not only will it keep everything together, but if one of the bags of turkey leaks, the juice won’t spill onto the rest of your food.

In order to keep an organized refrigerator and to ensure the freshness of all your food, everything needs its place. Try not to overcrowd the refrigerator as that causes warm pockets, which can damage food. It’s also best to keep milk on a stable shelf rather than the door as it stays at a more consistent temperature.

Take advantage of the removable shelf on your refrigerator door. This is where you should store all dressings and condiments. When dinner is ready, remove the shelf and bring all the bottles to the table at one time.

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