Guide to Decorate Your Bedroom

Let’s face it,we all want our bedroom to be best looking where we can find a bit peace after a long tiring work day.A nicely decorated bedroom can improve the confidence of a person.People wants show their friends how good looking their bed room can be! Is not it? Sure it is.We all do it at some point.Let me help you to make your bedroom the way you want it.Even when the day is pure chaos, your bedroom is the one place where you should always be able to go and regroup — no kids, no electronics (although they usually find a way to force themselves in anyway). Still, you can at least give yourself home court advantage by choosing decor you love. These easy, inexpensive ideas should be a good start.

The Focal Point

Every room has a focal point, an eye-catching spot that establishes a hierarchy so you don’t see just a jumble. Many times, the focal point is the head of the bed, which you can amplify with an arrangement of bold pillows.There are so many amazing pillows on amazon that are very good quality and can increase the beauty of your bedroom and help you relaxing.You can find a good pillow like this on on amazon with a very good price.

When organizing small spaces, your eye might also be attracted to the window. Rather than let these two strong elements compete for attention, place the bed in front of the window to meld cohesively. Or, dress one element—the bed or the window—neutrally, so it recedes and the other can take center stage.

For the focal point might want to put a painting on the wall right above the head position.You will find that most of the houses this days keep paintings on their bedroom.It looks great and express the standard of your taste.There are many different types of painting that you can hang on the wall in your bedroom.From the most expensive to the cheaper one.Paintings for animal lover to nature lover.Now it depends on you which or how much you are willing to spend on the painting !

No worry I have both solution for you.If you go through the online market places you will go almost crazy.Finding a good painting for your bedroom is not that easy.

If you look through some website online you will find they are offering so many paintings with great price,But you are not sure about the products quality or which one to buy,right?So what is the solution for this? Well go to  amazon the world most trusted and famous online market place.You can place a good hand drawing frog or smart pig painting in your bedroom if you are a animal lover ! I personally brought this handmade funky dog.Or if you are a person who loves nature the go for the Waves Painting or LightFairy

Keeping Things Open

Small room decorating doesn’t have to be difficult. My best advice on how to organize a small bedroom? Add one piece of drama.When decorating a small bedroom, go for furniture with rounded edges. It will take up less floor space and help widen walkways. Half-circle nightstands and rounded ottomans with hidden storage compartments are the perfect small bedroom accessory.

It might be tempting to buy the biggest bed possible to feather a luxurious nest. But doing this in a small space tends to cause a more cramped feel. Instead, choose a bed with small stature that won’t choke the room, such as this bed.Whether you’re a busy professional in need of a perfect small space solution for your condo or home, or cool and functional furniture for your dorm or first apartment.Unique bed and functional furniture varies from futons (sofas and couches that transform into beds or sleepers), upholstered and metal bed frames, bunk beds, daybeds with trundles, mattresses and more!Doing so will keep the middle of your room open, making it feel larger.

Do It Now

There are several ways to organize a small bedroom: You can make it dark and cozy with saturated berry reds or chocolate browns. Or, you can boost daylight with barely dressed windows and a light-bouncing color on the wall, such as cloud white or sunshine yellow. Either way, don’t take a weak approach. You can be bold in a small space without risking too much money or effort.

When decorating small bedrooms, every square inch is potential storage. Sure, you can stash sweater boxes under the bed, but if you boost the bed frame on blocks and add a voluminous skirt, you can hide a set of luggage under there. Place a storage ottoman under the window to hold extra bedding. Use a chest as a bedside table to gain drawer space. When it comes to organizing a small bedroom, make the most of your closet with an organizer system. And look for wall space where you can hang a bookshelf.

You may want to rethink your black-out window treatments. Embrace natural light, which will help a small bedroom feel light and airy. Layer drapes and light-blocking shades for style and optimal light control.


Here’s a small bedroom idea with staying power: Hang window treatments closer to the ceiling to make a room feel taller. Don’t believe me? Have a partner hold up curtains to give it a try. It’s amazing to see the instant change such a small fix can make.

You may need to defy convention when it comes to design ideas for small bedrooms. Specifically, get creative with the furniture layout! In this room, the bed slightly overlaps the two windows, but the placement provides ample walkways. Just be sure to move furniture several inches away from the window to make room for blinds and curtains.You can find the best quality curtains on