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Your Complete Guide To Buying The Best Coffee Maker

Coffee – Why We Love It and Why We Need It?

Coffee is the ultimate go-to drink to provide that kickstart to the day. Coffee helps to keep grogginess, low-energy moods and tiredness away and maintains improves energy and alertness to help them keep productive.  Coffee is deemed a regular part of everyday life for most people and is expected to be a part of office culture and breakfast serving. With this, purchasing coffee makers is widely tipped to be one of the most sellable products on the public market.  The benefits of coffee are there for all to see and that’s why it is an important part of everybody’s day.  Which is why you are using most if not all coffee places packed to the rafters, every morning especially.

There isn’t much thought that goes into buying coffee from a shop, because the concept is fast and simple, ask for the coffee you would like, pay, and be served, all in a couple of minutes.  However, it is very rare that people take coffee with them, fresh from their own home.  Maybe because of the time it takes to make a brew.  But there are many benefits on top of buying a coffee from the shop, that homebrews bring that many people may not be aware of.

 The Benefits of Owning a Coffee Maker

Purchasing your own coffee maker has many benefits which may or may not surprise you, apart from the cost savings and the value it adds to your day to day life.  So, let’s share the benefits of buying your own coffee brew brings:

  1. Cost Savings – Purchasing your own coffee brew will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you drink coffee every morning from the coffee shop, winch on average would cost $2-$5 depending on the size of your cup, you will save over $1000 every year by taking freshly made coffee from your home.
  2. It Tastes Better – Coffee made from home provides that ultimate freshness. by adding your own flavourings.
  3. Save on Fuel – You will save fuel by drinking coffee at home instead of making a trip to the coffee shop. It may not seem a lot of fuel, but it always adds up.
  4. Make Your Own Coffee – Coffee Makers are very flexible because you can make whatever type of coffee you would like. You are restricted in your coffee choices in the shop.
  5. Keep It Fresh for Weeks – Making your own coffee (depending on how big your brew tank is) can be kept refrigerated and fresh for up to 2 weeks at a time. 2 weeks of coffee every morning is a great cost-cutting measure.

Making your own brew at home gives you the luxury of choosing different flavours and tastes.  You can be picky in your selection, try different brews and choose the one you like best.  Making coffee home is an effective cost-cutting measure at the same time if coffee is your everyday thing.  Falling back to the habit of buying coffee on the way to work is easy, and the extra effort in the morning of making your own coffee can be time-consuming and take effort.  However, giving up the familiar habit will make you appreciate the amount of money you save.  Most coffee makers (if you like them hot or cold), keeps your coffee fresh for a lengthy period, saving you time in making coffee before you head out for your daily activities every morning, and saving you money.

The Most Popular Coffee Product Types

The type of coffee makers you buy makes a significant difference in how you want your coffee in the morning.  Judging which is best is a challenging task because ultimately you want to know which coffee maker, makes the best coffee.  There are many options to select that coffee maker that gives an excellent taste on an affordable budget.

1.Drip Coffee Maker / Coffee Brewer

The most commonly used coffee maker is the automatic drip coffee maker or known as the drip coffee brewer like this one at Amazon.  This type of coffee maker is best suited for somebody who drinks multiple coffee cups at a time, and it is more than likely they would use a coffee brewer.  You would normally see these types of coffee makers within an office as it is one of the simplest forms of coffee pouring.  Input coffee of your choice within the filter, decide if you prefer ground coffee or bean coffee, add water and the coffee maker will begin to do the rest.  You can make as much coffee as the maker’s tank allows, where you can continue to refill your cup multiple times.  The process is as simple as that. There is no specific flavoring or strength that it makes either.  Make it as strong as you want.  Of course, there is the quicker process of grinding the coffee grounds yourself and then placing it into the filter.  These coffee makers are very affordable on the market and it is worth the price that you pay for it, simply because you’re in control of the coffee you drink and the coffee making process is simple.  Reusable filters can be purchased for most coffee makers, and ground coffee is also affordable.

Why the Drip Coffee Maker/Coffee Brewer?

  • Extremely simple coffee making process
  • Reusable filters that can last a lifetime
  • Convenient for busy mornings and busy schedules to re-fill each time
  • Available in all various kinds of brands, shapes, and sizes
  • In control of making your own coffee that you would like

 What should you know?

  • It is only acceptable for the simplest form of coffee, and preferably not for the more stronger coffee you would get in coffee shops, such as Espresso shots or Lattes.
  • Only pour coffee if you intend to drink it. Making a whole lot at once is a benefit but also can be a wastage if it is not drinking regularly.
  • Handle its usage with care. They are not exactly prone to breaking but excessive usage could cause minor damage if not handled with care.

 2.Single-Serve Coffee Maker / One Cup Coffee Maker

A single-serve coffee maker, also known as a One Cup Coffee Maker like these on Amazon, is a new form of coffee makers that serve a single cup of coffee.  Maybe not an option if you’re a regular coffee drinker, but an occasional drinker.  Single-serving coffee makers are referred to as single-serving pod coffeemakers or K-cups. If you love a good pod of coffee but the form of coffee making is long-winded and would prefer coffee to be made for you, these maker machines collate the process of coffee making all into a small system and deliver the best-flavored coffee, within minutes!  The process is simple as inputting your coffee flavor, processed and grounded before releasing that tasty flavor.

A convenient coffee maker that is simple to make, just like automatic drip coffee makers. The coffee ground stays contained inside, so if you want to make another cup of coffee after your first one, you do not need to mess about with the filter to input more coffee grounds.  Pod coffee makers are affordable depending on your choice of its model, brand, and size.  Some are expensive but that depends what exactly you’re after. Models continue to be made so making that ultimate choice is important.

The separate pods are expensive as well.  However, you will instantly realize the value of buying.  On top of this, some single-serve models have add-ons that allow you to not use pods and just use your own coffee grounds.  However, this is an option that could mean you need to tidy up after yourself.

Why the Single-Serve Coffee Maker?

  • Simple to use and clean
  • Affordable depending on how much you’re dependent on the coffee maker making the coffee for you
  • Accepts making Tea and other flavors with the right pods
  • No wastage of coffee left inside
  • Coffee grounds will always be fresh inside
  • Perfect for office workers who enjoy the odd brew now and again
  • Reliable in making the best-flavored coffee

What should you know?

  • Buying pods can be expensive
  • K-Cups usage will be high and it is not well known for the environment
  • All K-Cups are BPA free and meet FDA standards

3.French Press

The French Press coffee maker is a simple coffee brewing that is one you would see in traditional coffee shops.  Unlike other coffee makers, they are not as technical to use, but still effective in making delicious coffee.  Add your boiling water, coffee and heat source.  It is recommended that medium coffee grinds are used and not small grinds, as the filter may not process them properly, meaning they will land right into your coffee cup.  Do not use larger grounds either in case they get stuck in the machine while it attempts to filter them.  Push the plunger down for the grounds to be placed at the bottom.

The essential component of making the best coffee is the temperature dial.  It is recommended that the ideal temperature for brewing is between 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The flavoring of the French press isn’t as strong, but you can add sugar to the maker.  Never let the water boil for longer than you need to as this affects the strength and flavor.

The French Press is one of the more affordable ones for many brands and models.  But it is heavily dependent on how you like your coffee. For simple coffee, it is an option.  It is a cheap coffee maker to make coffee at home that could cost as low as $10 or $40 dollars depending on your chosen brand, plus there is no need for electricity.Click this link to find this coffee maker at Amazon.

Decide on the type of coffee you like, and then decide whether this is the best option for you.

 Why A French Press Coffee Maker?

  • Cheap and Cheerful for the simple coffee
  • Very simple to use and not very technical
  • No filters used
  • No electricity
  • Coffee is made in a matter of seconds

What should you know?

  • If you do not set the correct temperature on the dial, the grounds will keep floating in your coffee cup
  • When making your coffee, you should keep an eye on it always
  • If you’re a simple person that likes simple and normal flavored coffee, this is for you

4.Espresso Makers

Espresso coffee is the most popular form of coffee.  When you’re feeling groggy and you see a coffee shop, you’ll want to go for the espresso.  After entering and reviewing the types of coffee in shops that are most popular in mornings, 4 out of 5 local coffee shops agreed that espressos were the most common choice.

The advantage of Espresso lovers is that Espresso Makers are in the market to give you unlimited espresso coffee from your own home.  What is really wanted, comes at a price.  Espresso makers are not cheap by any stretch. Whether paying the value to enjoy the best coffee is ultimately down to you. However, you wouldn’t be disappointed.  Here’s why.

Espresso makers produce small cup quantities, like an espresso shot that is much stronger, flavored and tasteful.  Depending on the Espresso maker you buy, most have a variety of options included in an Espresso maker to enjoy different drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas. The machines process of making coffee is as simple as most of the machines do the work for you, although you will need to maintain it and keep it clean.  It is also recommended that you use filtered water if you want to maximize the flavor and use excellent quality fresh ground beans and watch the pleasurable experience work.Click this link to find this coffee maker at Amazon.

There are a variety of models to choose from, although they need to be studied on how to use all its features.  It is not as simple if you use it manually.

 Why an Espresso Coffee Maker?

  • Espresso Machines deliver a variety of coffee flavors of the highest quality
  • Make your own strong Espresso, at home instead of the traditional coffee shop
  • Very easy to use once you get the hang of it.
  • You can enjoy various kinds of drinks with most models, not just Espresso’s
  • It is worth the purchase in the long-run.

 What Should You Know?

  • Espresso makers are not cheap
  • Do not overload the Espresso machine. A shot at a time is enough for it produces the best quality coffee

 5.Factors to Consider When Buying a Coffee Maker

Understanding coffee makers and its features can be straightforward if you’re an avid coffee lover.  If you have an idea of exactly what you want, then understanding these 6 factors will be a breeze.  Whether you have or have not decided of the coffee maker type you want, the below factors cater for all kinds of coffee makers but are just areas to think about when you use your chosen type. After all, these factors will make sure the coffee you make is top of the range.

  • Quantity

This translates to, how much coffee should I make?  How many people are in the house and what quantity is enough to cater to people in a household? If you purchase a drip coffee maker, the only issue is how much water do you need to fill the tank to cater for more than one person.  The advantage is these types of makers is the coffee left over can be refrigerated. It can be more convenient to make many cups of coffee, especially if they’re an everyday person.  This needs to be thought of before deciding which is the best coffee maker.  Understand how much the household is likely to drink. One thing to note, Pod Coffeemakers tend to keep you out of pocket, especially if you like your different flavorings because each individual flavor requires an individual pod.

  •  What Coffee Do You Drink?

Coffee can be produced in all kinds.  The best way to answer this one is what coffee do you like and which one do you either make at home or buy in a coffee shop?  This will narrow down the coffee maker choice.  If you’re a strong coffee addict with Espressos, Cappuccinos, Latte’s and Mocha’s, then it is more likely to fork out for an Espresso Coffee Maker.  However, buying one of these means you must make sure that it is constantly used, and the coffee shop visits are off the table.  For the value you would pay for it, you would want to make the most of it, otherwise is there any need to buy it?

Therefore, identifying the coffee you like the best will go some way in making the decision for you.

  • How Often Do You Drink Coffee?

Another important question that you must answer before making that all important purchase.  How much coffee do you drink?  If you’re a morning coffee person, then either the Pod Coffee makers or French Press makers are the products for you, that flavor making single cups of coffee at excellent quality.  Sticking a pod in and pressing a button is the easiest way to make a cup of coffee in the morning.  You must understand how far you’re willing to go to make the best coffee in the mornings. Does flavor matter?  Does the strength matter? How much time would you need to make coffee in the mornings?  Understanding the amount of effort, you’re willing to take to make a cup of coffee is a wonderful way to determine the product type you want.  There are many models that will make a coffee simply by a click of a button. You know your own body, so weigh up these questions.

  • How Much Are You Hoping to Spend?

When purchasing a coffee maker, you want to understand the value of that purchase.  If you spend lots of money say on a French press or an espresso machine even if you cannot afford it, then you need to understand the situation you are in.  There are many machines that have models that are affordable and units that are within your budget.  However, compromising on a certain model may mean that some top features would need to be sacrificed.  In the long-term, for example, a French press coffee maker requires single extra pods to make several types of coffee, which would set you back in the long term.  Consider the upfront and long-term costs of the coffee maker you choose to buy.  It will save you money if you decide to go with a machine that lacks a few features but is a useful product at the same time.  With your spending, understand the number of times you will use it as well.  The last thing you want to do is pay for an expensive machine and not use it enough.  The value of your purchase is very important.  If there is something you want but cannot afford it, go for a lower option.

  • How Much Space Do You Have?

The amount of space to place an extra kitchen appliance needs to be weighed up.  This is very important before deciding on your choice of product.  Once you’ve made a choice on the type of coffee you then need to understand the dimensions between your kitchen space and your product. You will have a better idea of where to place it and the dimensions you need.  You may also want to weigh-up dimensions for storing your coffee maker away in a cupboard.  Not a problem if you rather the coffee was kept central to a table-top space.  You won’t need to measure storage capabilities if you are an every-day coffee drinker.

6. Extras

Coffee lovers that purchase their coffee maker choice would want to know it’s built-in features, something that will be covered here.  There are many unique features in each model that sets them apart from each other.  If you’ve answered the above considerations and you want to understand how to make the appropriate product choice, consider the following features to look out for:

  •  Auto Start on and Off Button

The Auto Start button would be intended to make your coffee for you, from start to finish.  When you’re in a rush, the last thing you would need to do is manually make your own cup of coffee and take up more time.  Most modern coffee maker models come with an auto-program switch on the button that makes you your coffee.  The coffee maker would automatically turn off once the coffee making is complete.

  • Coffee Grinder Feature

Freshly ground beans provide a better tasting cup of coffee.  Most models keep your coffee grounds fresh in a built-in container that the Grinder feature would filter out when you need to make coffee.  A coffee grinder can be sold separately, but it is more convenient to buy a maker model that has a built-in grinder feature.

  • Water Filter

Having filtered water enriches the flavor of coffee.  Most coffee models filter the water first before pouring the coffee.  It is an important feature if you’re an avid coffee person and like your flavorings.

  • Auto Settings

If you want to simply wake up, get your cup ready and allow the coffee maker to make and pour your coffee.  You can determine your own settings based on how you want your coffee to be made. Features such as temperature heating can come in handy for various coffee making processes.

  • Temperature Control

Temperature control, as mentioned before is a very important feature.  The quality of the brew is heavily dependent on this feature.  If the temperature is too high then the flavoring will evaporate and you will end up with just black coffee.  It is recommended that a maximum of 200 Fahrenheit is enough for the coffee maker of your choice to produce the best quality coffee.

  • Use of a Steamer

If you like your coffee with milk, then the steamer is a great built-in feature, that mainly is used across all traditional coffee shops to serve you coffee.  It is more regarded in espresso machines and is better if you have your own certain way of coffee and your own flavorings.  It is not needed for a simple cup of black coffee, for example.

 7.Best Coffee Maker Brands

The final consideration is to consider the type of brand you’re willing to buy from.  At this stage, you would have already identified the kind of coffee you would like, the convenience, the dimensions, space, type of coffee and how much you’re willing to spend.  There are dozens of brands there to choose from, but below take all considerations of the consumer in terms of cost, budget, features and overall quality, to identify the best brand of coffee makers.  What you will notice from rave reviews from other consumers and level of quality are a select few quality brands.  The brands that have been selected not only stand out but they continue to produce quality products to this day that do so well on the market.  After taking into consideration the rave reviews models have provided, we take this into account to provide the 6 best and most popular brands of coffee makers.

  • Bunn

Bunn has been introducing coffee machine products for more than 40 years and selling them on Amazon.  They are now a specialty in coffee products for home and commercial environments.  The Bunn coffee machines cater for all kinds of service, including for the office or a homebrew.  The models they produce include single-serving and espresso makers.  After reviewing a handful of BUNN products, only good things are said about their product range.  Its reputation in making tasty cups of coffee is fully justified for consumers.  It has been very difficult to identify any negative points of BUNN products for general coffee making.

  • DeLonghi

DeLonghi is an Italian company that specializes in producing stylistic looking drip coffee brewers, bean-to-cup coffee machines, and espresso machines.  A worldwide familiar name, DeLong coffee products are known in the spectrum of having amazing products to not so good products. Their reviews are good but could be better.  Incorporated in the 1950s, the amazing quality products deliver excellent coffee and are well known for its good filter capabilities.  The performance, however, is consistent if you buy the right product because it has been known to have a reputation for producing slightly underwhelming products.  It is recommended to view reviews of DeLonghi products before buying one from Amazon.

  • Jura-Capresso

The name ‘Capresso’ tells you that Juan-Capresso coffee machines are made with a range of coffee brewers, including espressos and cappuccinos.  Their products are more built-in with different coffee types.  The company is affordable in its products but have a wide range of home-designed models to choose from.  The company is relatively new, formed in 1994 have been widely featured in many different US TV ads and shows as the upcoming brand in the coffee making.  Reviews on Amazon indicate their products are of excellent quality and worth its value.

  • Keurig

For single-serving coffee products, Keurig products are the one for you.  This is based on great reviews, easy-to-use, and its size & structure.  Their models allow for making coffee with pods.Click here to check their models on Amazon.  The reviews it’s received are of high quality and their products are fairly compact, which means they do not take too much space in the kitchen and are easily storable.  For affordability, structure, and quality for single-serving coffee, Keurig is a great company.

  • Gaggia

Gaggia’s target audience is for those people who favor Espresso coffee and bean-to-cup machines.  Their specialty is to produce coffee machines that provide value for money and are mostly positive in terms of its reviews. As an Espresso fan, Gaggia products would be a fruitful choice.You can find them on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

Did It Help?

After our thorough research to deliver the best coffee makers for you, we hope the decision has been made based on the information we have given you. Coffee is an essential part of everyday life and purchasing the top-of-the-range coffee product can go a long way in helping you save money, gas and time. This buyer guide was intended to make your decision of which coffee maker to purchase remotely easier, but to help your breakdown exactly what it is that you need for that morning or daily coffee fix.

Now that you are all clued up on coffee, coffee models and why coffee is so important in everyday life for many, are you after a coffee maker suited to your everyday needs and tastes?

Why not check out our tried, tested and reviewed best 10 coffee makers on the market today?  Just Click Here!

What do you think?

If you have identified the type of coffee machine you’re after, please tell us in the comments exactly the type of coffee drinker you are and the type of coffee maker you’ve purchased. We are extremely interested in noticing the trends of coffee lovers.

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