Beautifull Wall-Stairs

Ideas To Decorate Your Stairs

If you think from a technical standpoint, there’s nothing particularly difficult about designing your home stairs. Anyone with basic designing skills can design their home stairs.It may be simple and narrow, but that doesn’t mean your stairway can’t get the same decorating treatment as the rest of your house. These staircase decorating ideas will give your entryway a step up.

Staircases do more than connect levels in your home; their visual presence is an architectural statement. From spiral staircases to sleek wood designs, find beautiful staircase designs to complement your style.


The most magnificent stairways often look more like works of art, such as serpentine piece that coils as it rises. Building these stairs combined the skills of various artisans who work with wood, metal, and drywall.


Simple staircase includes white-painted beaded-board paneling. The wall covering extends onto a doorway, which disguises the entrance to the basement.

Wooden slabs

Wooden slabs used as stair treads often convey a country vibe. But clean-lined risers give off an undeniable contemporary look. Attache large cuts of wood to a painted metal staircase, which will create a big-city look that leaves the prairie far behind.


Shapely staircase gently widens as it meets the grand foyer, creating a smooth transition between levels. Decorative molding applied to the walls throughout the foyer blends well with the dramatic look of the staircase.


Placing the front stairway to the side of the entry enables guests standing at the front door of home to see through to the rest of the first level. The staircase railings and treads feature the same dark walnut used as the flooring throughout the home’s gathering spaces.

Wooden White

The enduring decorating concept of lights and darks strikes an elegant balance on staircase. The crisp white-painted base pairs expertly with the deep brown wood treads and hand railing. If this combo suits your taste, choose a paint that promises a hard, scuff-free surface and use a highly durable clear finish over the wood stain.


A geometric-pattern stair runner boosts both the comfort and style of staircase. In addition to providing softness and warmth underfoot, the runner also prevents walkers from slipping on the potentially slick wooden treads.

Staircase Pictures

Visitors know they’ve arrived when they get a look at a foyer staircase dressed to the nines. Don’t miss out on this blank-canvas opportunity for introducing color and pattern near your front door. Deck staircase walls with wallpaper or photo treatments that enhance your home’s architecture and/or decorating theme. Lay complementary stair runners that carry the eye toward and up the steps.


Classically appointed staircase optimizes limited foyer space by taking a few unconventional turns. Strategically placed landings allow the staircase to switch directions before its final flight rises to create a vaulted-ceiling doorway opening to the family room. Built-in bookcases stand in as an opposing wall that expands the entry hall’s purpose.


Boost a staircase’s charm with easily installed details that make a bold statement. A curving newel treatment created with a volute handrail that ends in a circular curve attracts attention to a staircase’s base. A handrail becomes a decorative flourish when integrated into fluted moldings applied to the wall.


Many people think of carpeting as being outdated. Hardwood stairs are coveted, and many do-it-yourself will even overlook the slipping hazard they pose to achieve the most modern look. However, the carete in this collection show that carpet on stairs can be just as modern and elegant as hardwood and that opting for comfort and safety doesn’t have to mean compromising on style.

One way to do this is with stairs that lead down to an open entertaining area. Carpet featuring a rope pattern reminiscent of a cable knit in a soft neutral tone provides a beautiful contrast to dark wood. Adding recessed lighting on the risers helps create a very elegant, modern space.

Finely Finished

Arrange cushioned benches, capacious trunksconsole tables, antique mirrors, and/or coat trees near your stairway to supply seating for taking off boots, displaying collections, checking your appearance on your way out, and hanging outerwear on your way in. Style-apt pieces personalize an entry and convey a sense of comfort that makes guests feel welcome.

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