Best Other Home Theater Speaker Package For Your Home Decoration

Wireless : Enclave Audio CineHome HD

If you want a completely wireless home theater speaker system, then this offering from Enclave Audio is a good choice. Many speaker systems only have wireless surrounds or subwoofers. Or, you need to use wireless kits to make standard passive speakers wireless. However, you don’t need any of that with the CineHome HD. All the speakers are wireless, and you don’t even need an AV receiver. Just connect your devices directly to the center speaker.

In-Ceiling :  Polk Audio RC80i

These Polk Audio RC80i speakers are a popular solution for anyone who needs to install in-ceiling speakers. With an 8-inch polymer driver with a 1-inch soft dome tweeter, these speakers will work well as surrounds or Dolby Atmos height speakers. They have a 15-degree swivel mount which allows for accurate positioning.

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In-Wall :  Polk Audio RC85i

These in-wall speakers will work well with the ceiling speakers highlighted above. Ideal for the rears in a surround sound system, they can be used at the front if you prefer. They have an 8-inch driver, a 1-inch soft dome tweeter and a 15-degree swivel mount to angle the direction. These speakers are also built using moisture-resistant materials. Perfect for saunas, bathrooms and covered outdoor areas.

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Elevation / Dolby Atmos :  ELAC A4 Debut

The ELAC A4 from the Debut Series is a Dolby Atmos module which you can place on your floorstanding or bookshelf speakers. This will provide the 3D sound when connected to your Dolby Atmos-enabled AV receiver. A 4-inch woofer and 0.5-inch polymer dome tweeter are enclosed in a compact enclosure. A value-for-money solution for getting into object-based 3D sound.

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Bipole/Dipole : Polk Audio FXiA6

The Polk Audio FXiA6 speaker has a switch to allow for use as a bipole or dipole design. This gives you the flexibility to experiment with the sound you prefer. It comes with a 6.5-inch midrange driver and two 1-inch dome tweeters. Add a second pair if you want them for a 7.1 surround sound system.

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Subwoofer : SVS SB-1000

SVS produce quality home theater speakers of all types. This powered subwoofer wins a place in this list with a combination of quality design and value for money. It is a sealed unit with a compact 13-inch cabinet. The 12-inch front-firing driver provides 300 watts RMS, or 700 watts peak power.

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Satellite : SVS Prime

At 8.5-inches high, these compact satellite speakers are perfect for use as surround speakers. In fact, they can be used anywhere in your surround sound system. Although, maybe not as a subwoofer! With a 4.5-inch midrange speaker and 1-inch tweeter, they offer a neutral sound which will blend well with speakers from other brands.

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