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Amazing Wall Paint Ideas for Every Room

Are you living with boring white walls, but hate the thought of painting? Painting is often a task that homeowners dread. However, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home without too much effort.

Paint colors like this one on amazon can dramatically change the mood and interior design of your home. Paint can make a statement with splashes of  bold color, or it can be a soft backdrop to a more muted interior. Either way, painting is one of the easiest and least expensive tools in the interior design world. However, there are a few things you should know before you paint—things that will make your job much easier. You never know, you may actually enjoy painting after reading this.

Here are some tips on how you should do it !


Instead of stenciling a full wall, try stenciling just a section. Here, a herringbone stripe painted on the wall behind the sofa does the eye-catching trick. The tone-on-tone pattern is subtle, but striking.


If you want to make a bigger commitment, go for allover stenciling. Tone-on-tone stenciling is a sophisticated approach, but if you’re going for bold, make sure your colors aren’t too similar. Look at a paint strip and choose colors that have one or two shades between them.


Introduce a touch of whimsy with a wall mural. For a fresh and up-to-date look, keep it simple. A sparse, two-color birch forest design does the trick in this room.


Take stamping to a larger scale by stamping a design on your walls. We created this geometric design with stamps made from crafts foam.


Draw notice to the wall behind your vanity in your bathroom, desk in your office, or bed in your bedroom. In this bathroom, a stamped herringbone pattern creates modern appeal, while the faded finish appears whitewashed and casual.

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